Voluntary Work-camps Association of Ghana (VOLU) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) and was founded in 1956 which is the first NGO in West-Africa. VOLU was founded in Mfantsipim Senior High school by Gordon Green who was a teacher at that time. He realized that the students had nothing doing during their holidays and that their time will be useful by engaging in voluntary (manual) work in work-camps projects.

VOLU has played a big role in the development of Ghana. The association engages in the following life changing projects:

1. School construction & renovation
2. Hospitals construction & renovation
3. Community centers
4. Teaching (Math’s, English, Art & Culture, Science)
5. Agro forestry (farming)
6. Animal husbandry etc.
7. Orphanage
8. Disadvantaged children

The projects takes place in rural areas where VOLU’s help is needed the most as the communities there have no such infrastructures and travel long distances to use such facilities (Hospitals, Schools, Library etc.). One of the main problems is some pregnant women who lose their lives on the long way to delivery. Children walk long distances to and from schools. As by the time they get to school, they are tired to participate in the teaching. This results to a large number of school drop outs.
The work-camps are organized during the whole year (weekend camps, Easter camps, summer camps and Christmas camps) respectively.

VOLU partners, mostly, with member organizations of the global network CCIVS involve in sending and
hosting volunteers.

STV: Short Term Volunteer (3 weeks – 4 weeks)
MTV: Medium Term Volunteer (1 month – 6 months)
LTV: Long Term Volunteer (3 months – 12 months)

Code Projects
TCH         –               Teaching
CT/TCH        –         Care Taking & Teaching
CONST          –         Construction
RENOV         –         Renovation
AGRO           –         Agriculture
REH             –          Rehabilitation
TRN/SPV   –          Train/ Supervise
SOC/WOR  –         Social Work
YWE             –         Youth & Women Empowerment (Training)
HLT              –         Health

Our short, medium, long term volunteer projects involve volunteers from different background who live and work on a common project in a community. The significance is that the volunteer’s different cultural background’s is not a disadvantage but rather plays a wide perspective role to undertake successful projects that benefits and makes a difference to the communities.

General requirements for participation in VOLU SMLTV Projects
 Age: Volunteers must be 18 years and above.
 Motivation: Volunteers should be interested to provide voluntary service that can make difference in other people’s lives.
 How to apply: volunteers can download application forms from www.volu-ghana.org website. The filed application should be scanned and sent through email gensec@volu-ghana.org. The application should be received 2 weeks before start of project. A scanned copy of passport should accompany the application form.
 Duration: Volunteer can stay in the project for minimum of 21 days and maximum of 12 months. An arrangement will be made on the work placement for extension.
 Language: Official Language of the projects is English

 Meals and Accommodation: For STV Volunteers will stay in camps with 10 – 15 volunteers (foreign & local volunteers). For MTV & LTV volunteers will stay with host families. Meals and accommodation will be provided in the family for the whole period of the project. They may also be in a hostel or any other accommodation provided for them.
 Insurance: VOLU will not provide insurances for the volunteers.
 Visas: VOLU will provide an invitation letter on request as soon as the application is confirmed. It is recommended that volunteers prepare all necessary documents to obtain visas themselves. Volunteers can locate the nearest Ghanaian embassy/ commission near them. A token monthly visa extension fee for MLTV will be paid by volunteer.
 Participation fee: 250 Euros per month paid on arrival (fees are non-refundable)