History of  VOLU

In 1954, at the Hill House Friends Meeting at Achimota, Accra, Quakers seized the opportunityto use the experience of a young expatriate, Gordon E. Green, who was teaching English at the Mfantsipim School, Cape Coast, to experiment with the innovation of promoting workcamps at Tsito in Awudome On evaluating this workcamp experience, Quakers in Ghana decided to seek the assistance of the International Voluntary Service for Peace (IVSP) in London to train a Ghanaian to advance onthe innovation of workcamps in Ghana. On return, he offered a one year full time voluntaryservice as the Organizing Secretary. The success of the  workcamp became attractive to  a  black United States Christian  minister,Reverend  James  Robinson,  who  inspired  the  United  States  Operation  Crossroads  Africa  to experiment  with their  services in  Africa in  cooperation with VOLU. It  was this  cooperation which eventually led to the formation of the American Peace Corps. The cooperation is only one of many of numerous international agencies which have helped to accord VOLU’s workcamps the international character they have always developed and maintained.

Voluntarism and VOLU

People have always volunteered to do their little bit to protect or advance their family, clan, tribe,community or their environment. Voluntarism has taken different forms over the years. It has developed from the unorganized to organized voluntarism.VOLU,  which  was  founded  in  1956,  has  been  the  torch  bearer  in  the  area  of  voluntary workcamps.  Apart  from  being  the  most  stable,  consistent  and  oldest  organized  workcamp organization in Africa, VOLU has played a major role in the development of workcamps in the whole world. VOLU continues to exchange volunteers with all European, American, Asian, Latin American and African workcamp organizations.

Our Vision

The vision of VOLU is to become the most versatile and trustworthy volunteering organization in Ghana and Africa as a whole.

Our Mission

VOLU’s mission is to mobilize students and the youth to  render voluntary service to  needy communities through work camping activities.

Aims and Objectives

    • To  organize  and  run  voluntary  workcamps  in  Ghana,  either  independently  or  in collaboration with other voluntary organizations or government departments.
    •  To bring together all those interested in voluntary work either as active campers or as sympathizers.
    •  To encourage voluntary service to the community both among the campers and in the communities for which the campers work.
    •  To bring together educated and illiterate, town folks and villagers and Africans and non –Africans  (international)  in  a  common  respect  for  manual  labor  by  doing  useful constructive work in their spare or leisure time.
    •  To help poor communities to do work which they would otherwise be unable to do by themselves.
  •  To further international and interracial understanding by inviting people from abroad to attend camps in Ghana and by sponsoring Ghanaians to go to workcamps abroad.

Please download our brochure for details information.

Further details of our brochure.

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