Host Family

Below is a fillable pdf registration form. Please, you are obligated to fill in the form and save it on your device before you send it to as an attachment. To save the pdf form, kindly follow the steps beneath:

  1. Click on FILE from the upper-left of your pdf fillable form and await for a dropdown menu to appear.
  2. In the dropdown menu, select SAVE AS.
  3. The current name of the pdf should be highlighted automatically, if it is; replace your first name for instance “Philip” followed by the first two letters of your last name like for instance (Rasmussen) and the year you were born. You should have something like as follows “philipRa1970“. Please, remember to type in your last name by starting with a capital letter and your first name with a small letter.
  4. Specify a location to save your pdf form. We recommend your desktop for easier access. When you have finally specified where your pdf is to be saved, you are free to click on SAVE.

Click to save your pdf file