Are you looking for something unique to do in Africa to break monotony?

An exclusive, irreplaceable experience that will live with you for the rest of your life?

An opportunity to live and experience a totally distinctive new way of life?     

A chance to practise and enhance your knowledge and desire for developmental concerns?

A passion for making a specific transformation whilst serving in a deprived community in a developing country?

Founded since 1956, the Voluntary Workcamps Association of Ghana (VOLU) strives to bring together people interested in voluntary workcamps to foster a spirit of common understanding among all classes and to give young people the opportunity to use their leisure time in the service of the community. VOLU gives a unique opportunity to experience a gratifying new life in a developing country, a chance to live and work among the local people and thus participate in their culture. You experience a new land, a new culture, different people and different mentality.


VOLU offers the following programmes:

– Workcamps                                                                            

– Voluntary Internship

– Service Learning/Gap Year

– Family-Living

– Drumming and Dancing Workshop

– Expedition


Opportunity is given to volunteers to be placed by choosing one from a variety of placement opportunities. These include construction works such as building schools, health facilities, community centers, etc., work with district assemblies and other public organizations, teaching, healthcare, work with non-governmental organizations, HIV/AIDS projects, working with people with physical or mental disabilities, eco-tourism and other development projects,

You can bring your skills and knowledge to help the country, give tools to aid future development and also develop the skills of the workers that you will be working with.

Depending on your qualification, experience and area of interest, VOLU will painstakingly select a placement for you either in an urban or a rural community.

The duration of the programmes vary from 2 weeks to 2 years, thus short-term, medium-term or long-term and is available for people aged 17 and above.

  • The Workcamps offer volunteer opportunities in a variety of sectors with projects that include building a school, organizing an HIV/AIDS awareness campaign or helping replenish a forest.

Volunteers spend about seven hours a day, offering mostly unskilled manual labour in the villages and the small towns, which the local people themselves are carrying out through offering voluntary communal labour. The function of the workcamp is not to do the work for the people but to assist them by inculcating into them the spirit of self reliance by working with them.

  • The Voluntary Internship programme makes it possible for volunteers to share their experiences and enhance their skills whilst working in a completely different environment. VOLU examines the qualifications and skills of applicants in any field of study such as Science, ICT, Economics, Socio-cultural, Administrative, etc. and liaise with a Ghanaian organization for placement.

Areas for placement include teaching, healthcare, computing, banking, administration, media, wildlife, environmental protection, etc.

  • The Service Learning and Gap -Year programmes are earmarked for students. Similar to Voluntary Internship, they are organized for individual students, recent graduates and groups from universities.


The work to be done by the group or the volunteer depends on their interest, and based upon that we find the right location and work for them. Whenever we host groups, we appoint one or two of our trained leaders to be with the group during the period so that they can support them and also liaise between them and the community.


  • The Family Living is a cultural involvement programme that exposes the volunteer to an exceptional opportunity to live and participate completely in the affairs of a Ghanaian family, thus enabling him or her to study and learn about the Ghanaian way of life in the country.

VOLU makes available a perfect host family, which will make the volunteer feel exceptionally welcome, comfortable and secure so that the wonderful culture would be exposed to him or her in either a rural or an urban environment.

  • The Drumming and Dancing Workshop offers opportunity to volunteers interested in integrated, polyrhythmic bell and drum beats. They learn the fascinating and colourful drum beats and dances of our skilled group who depicts African heritage through rhythms, songs, symbols and gestures. As a member of a group of learners, you will be taught Kete, Kpalongo, Adowa, other African rhythms and a variety of enthusiastic dances as well. Then you will be provided with a special drum and a video of your own performances to take home after the workshop.

The package includes weekend excursions to places of the group’s interest around the locality.

  • The Expedition involves visits and excursions that can be arranged for groups such as the youth, students or interested holiday makers to important attractions and even to nearby countries.

The programme offers a prospect for volunteers to have fun, enjoy and observe the variety of scenery and experience the different cultures in Ghana. As volunteers travel around, they get the opportunity to locate places that need developmental assistance. Experienced tour guides keep you company all along.

For all our programmes, VOLU provides family-living or alternative accommodation from the host community.

For further enquiries about any of our programmes, please contact:


The General Secretary,

Voluntary Workcamps Association of Ghana,

Box GP1540,



Website: www.volu-ghana.org

Email: volughana56@yahoo.com

Tel No: 233-0302-…………

Mobile: 233-243 756030